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I'm Dutch. Curly haired. 24. Insane. CAT LADY. I love Star trek, Stargate, the X-files, basically anything alien and space related. Current biggest obsessions: ONCE UPON A TIME, LANA PARRILLA AND OUTLAW QUEEN! I'm addicted to music, musicals, horseback riding and singing. I love the English language. English student studying English Language and Culture in Groningen! I can sing. I love books. I love Harry Potter. I write Fan Fiction and sometimes I write poems. I'm quite creative, but not overly talented. I'm agnostic, I don't deny nor do I believe in an afterlife. I have a part-time job at a flower department of a Dutch supermarket. I have a Norwegian forest cat called Noirin and she's my baby <3. I'm lazy, active, dedicated, hard working, insecure, bouncy and pretty sarcastic.
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Is it true you were her friend?

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*boy calls me hot* um what the fuck?

*girl calls me hot* u are an angel thank u i love u so much!!!!!!!

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It’s the same outfit as the finale so an Emma nightmare would make sense? (x)

It was just a promo shoot guys :) Lana doesn’t have any scenes today. 

That explains JMO’s curls too. Thanks for the info.

No problem. I only know ‘cause a friend of mine is there right now. She knew about the shoot, but said Lana left right after. Jen stayed behind though, is shooting some scenes today apparently. 

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It’s the same outfit as the finale so an Emma nightmare would make sense? (x)

It was just a promo shoot guys :) Lana doesn’t have any scenes today. 

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Perils Past Chapter 18, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction


Also, I’m pondering a hiatus, though I’m not sure yet because I know quite a lot of people are still reading this story, but I’m REALLY, REALLY busy with moving to the other side of the country, arranging things at work, keeping my RL friends informed and close <3 and uni is starting soon as well. Like I said I’m not sure yet since writing is my way of relaxing but updates may take me even longer now. Sorry.

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perils past fanfiction outlaw queen may I never be perfect fan fiction once upon a time regina mills robin hood robin hood x regina mills the evil queen maid marian au fanfiction fanfic hiatus

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You don’t have to put your uglies away, you just have to learn how to live with them.

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Larry King is one of the biggest douchebags in the world.

SEEN ABOVE: Man asks question in earnest and is declared a douchebag

SEEN ABOVE: man is biphobic moron, gets called a douche

“Non-practicing bisexual”

Non-practicing. Like it’s a religion or something. *knocks on door* Hello, have you heard the good news? In case not, I’m here to spread the good word of bisexuality.

Our lord and saviour, Freddie Mercury, is prepared to cleanse you of your mono-sexuality at at anytime.

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