Damaged people
know they can survive
I'm Dutch. Curly haired. 24. Insane. CAT LADY. I love Star trek, Stargate, the X-files, basically anything alien and space related. Current biggest obsessions: ONCE UPON A TIME, LANA PARRILLA AND OUTLAW QUEEN! I'm addicted to music, musicals, horseback riding and singing. I love the English language. English student studying English Language and Culture in Groningen! I can sing. I love books. I love Harry Potter. I write Fan Fiction and sometimes I write poems. I'm quite creative, but not overly talented. I'm agnostic, I don't deny nor do I believe in an afterlife. I have a part-time job at a flower department of a Dutch supermarket. I have a Norwegian forest cat called Noirin and she's my baby <3. I'm lazy, active, dedicated, hard working, insecure, bouncy and pretty sarcastic.
Posted: 1 year ago
Once Upon a Time ONCE Jefferson mad hatter Mayor Regina Mills Regina Mills Lana Parrilla Snow White Prince Charming David Nolan Mary Margaret Blanchard Henry Archie Jiminy Cricket Cinderella Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ABC the Evil Queen curse mywork
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